Master Developer Selection 2021

Master Developer Selection Meeting - 9 a.m., Saturday, August 21 via ZOOM

The Agenda Packet for the 8/21 Special City Council Sitting as the Local Reuse Authority Meeting is now available here:


April 16, 2021

The City of Concord is pleased to release the Request for Qualifications for a Master Developer to implement the Concord Naval Weapons Station Concord Reuse Project Area Plan. Statements of Qualifications are due on June 18, 2021.  Details regarding submittal instructions, clarifications, and the Pre-Response Conference (Mandatory for Lead Developers) are included in the RFQ.

The RFQ can be found here: Request for Master Developer Qualifications 


The City’s point of contact for the RFQ is Guy Bjerke:

Additional Answer to Question about Page Count (6/11/2021):

1. Our team is working hard on putting together the best package to represent us and doing so in the page constraints of the SOQ.  We read the language from the SOQ and the 3rd question (from 6/9/2021) to refer to the master developer and partner development firms.  And more specifically that "Master Developer Team members" and "firm within the Master Developer Team" does not refer to third party consultants (design, engineering, outside counsel). Could you please confirm our understanding is correct?  Assuming that is correct, we will include us and other real estate developer firm partners project experience into the 40 pages of the document.  And, for third party consultants, we will put firm profiles, resumes and project experience into the appendix. 

Master Developer Team is defined on page 4 of the RFQ and does includes “third party” consultants, etc. whose participation is considered critical for consideration by the LRA. The LRA expects respondents to provide summary information for up to 15 key team members in the page count – but the remainder of the team might be reflected in an organization chart or list within the page count.

Additional Answers to Questions about Page Count (6/9/2021):

A few questions have come up regarding the treatment of the page counts.

1. The pages that do not need to be included in the page count, can these pages be included in the appendix to make for an easier read of the document?


2. Do we have to include the financial capability in the page count? We view this as a company financial reference letter.

Provide a brief narrative response in the main document (within the page count), and supporting documentation like reference letters can be included in the Appendix.

3. Can we put case studies of Development Team members in the appendix and not counted in the page count? We will still maintain the Development Team bio and firm information in the page count.


Addendum #1 to the April 16, 2021 RFQ (5/28/2021):

Updated SOQ submittal via ShareFile Instructions - Replaces Section 5.4 of the RFQ; and

Responses to Master Developer Questions submitted by May 14, 2021 deadline.

Addendum #1 to the April 16, 2021 RFQ

Pre-Response Conference Documents (5/4/2021):

1. Pre-Response Conference Attendees

2. Pre-Response Powerpoint Slide Deck

3. Concord Naval Weapons Station Virtual Tour Video (Download Only)