Tournament Sports Complex


The 2012 Concord Reuse Project Area Plan outlines guiding principles and general land uses for the development of the former Concord Naval Weapons Stations (CNWS). The plan includes setting aside approximately 65 acres for a tournament sports complex that will host youth and amateur-level sports tournaments and may include a large indoor facility or outdoor stadium. Complementary uses in the neighboring parts of the district may provide food and lodging to users of the facility and visitors. Concessions and parking would be provided as appropriate.

The Area Plan also includes an adjacent 100-acre city-wide park that could accommodate a variety of active recreational activities, providing sports courts, sports fields, picnic areas, restrooms, and possibly cultural facilities. The City will consider the option of shifting acreage between the Tournament Sports Complex and city-wide park if the feasibility report supports that modification.

On June 13, 2018, the Parks, Recreation and Open Space Commission voted to recommend a process leading to preparation of a Feasibility Report and Conceptual Plan for the Tournament Sports Complex component of the Concord Reuse Project. In July 2018, a Request for Proposal (RFP) was issued to solicit proposals from consultants to assist with this project. After interviews, LPA Inc. was unanimously recommended for approval, and ultimately approved by the City Council.

Before development can occur on Base Reuse property, the City must approve a Specific Plan. The selected Master Developer, Lennar|FivePoint, is working with City staff to prepare a Specific Plan for the entire project area. The current preferred land use plan under evaluation is shown above. The proposed Tournament Sports Complex and city-wide park are located in Planning Area K. 

For information about meetings to prepare and review the TSC Concept Plan and Feasibility Report, click HERE.   

Outcome of Concord Tournament Sports Complex Concept Plan and Feasibility Report

On June 4, 2019, the Concord City Council held a public meeting to receive and discuss the Draft Concord Tournament Sports Complex Concept Plan and Feasibility Report. In the staff report, the Council was asked to determine whether or not to include one or more of the Tournament Sports Complex (TSC) concept plans in the Concord Reuse Project (CRP) Specific Plan. Staff recommended that the Council select both a smaller (75-acre) and larger (175-acre) TSC concept plan to be included as alternatives in the CRP Specific Plan. The complete staff report from the June 4, 2019 meeting can be read here. The City Council voted to accept the staff recommendation, and so the CRP Specific Plan will include both the 75-acre TSC concept plan (Concept E) and the 175-acre TSC concept plan (Concept C).

With this determination by the City Council, the potential environmental impacts that may result from the operation of a future TSC facility, such as traffic and air quality impacts, will be evaluated within the environmental impact report (EIR) that is prepared for the CRP Specific Plan pursuant to the requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). Since one of TSC concept plans (Concept C) to be included within Specific Plan envisions the maximum potential environmental impacts of a larger (175-acre) facility, then the potential impacts of development of the entire site will be considered in the EIR. If it is ultimately determined that a smaller 75-acre TSC facility is preferable, it is not precluded.

The next steps to evaluate a future TSC project would include refinement of a conceptual plan, in-depth quantification of the potential economic impacts to the City, and exploration of potential Public/Private partnerships (P3) or other strategies to develop and finance the project. However, at this time (06-18-19), the City Council has not directed additional steps to bring a future TSC project forward.

Tournament Sports Complex Conceptual Plan and Feasibility Report can be viewed here.

The 75-acre TSC concept plan (Concept E) and the 175-acre TSC concept plan (Concept C) can be viewed here.