How was the Reuse Plan prepared?
The Reuse Plan is the primary planning document that establishes the community's vision for the conversion of the CNWS Inland Area from military to civilian use. The Reuse Plan was prepared by the City Council, serving as the Local Reuse Authority (LRA).

The Concord City Council and City staff committed to a collaborative and inclusive community-wide outreach and planning process to develop the Reuse Plan. The City held a series of community workshops in its role as the LRA. In the fall of 2006, a 21-member Community Advisory Committee was appointed by the LRA to assist in soliciting community perspectives and to advise the LRA on the development of the Reuse Plan. Residents had the opportunity to comment on the plan at multiple public meetings, workshops and forums as well as through letters, surveys and emails.

The Reuse Plan considered a number of alternative concepts for the development of the Inland Area. The alternatives were evaluated through the planning process and the environmental review process, and ultimately a Preferred Alternative was selected to provide a framework for the Area Plan. More information on the Reuse Plan can be found on the Reuse Plan Page.

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