Draft Environmental Impact Report
(May 2008)

The Draft Environmental Impact Report for the Concord Community Reuse Project  has been circulated for review. The deadline for comments was August 8, 2008. Written and oral comments were also received from the public at a meeting held Thursday, July 10, 2008. The DEIR addresses the seven alternative concepts for the site approved by the Concord City Council, acting as the Local Reuse Authority, in October 2007.

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PDF icon Table of Contents (157KB)

PDF icon Summary (903KB)

PDF icon Chapter 1: Introduction (157KB)

PDF icon Chapter 2: Alternative Concepts (2.98MB)

PDF icon Chapter 3: Land Use (846KB)

PDF icon Chapter 4: Transportation (4.05MB)

PDF icon Chapter 5: Visual Resources 9.17MB)

PDF icon Chapter 6: Earth Resources (3.25MB)

PDF icon Chapter 7: Hydrology and Water Quality (6.25MB)

PDF icon Chapter 8: Biological Resources (9.57KB)

PDF icon Chapter 9: Cultural Resources (1.24MB)

PDF icon Chapter 10: Hazardous Materials (4.9MB)

PDF icon Chapter 11: Air Quality (22.6MB)

PDF icon Chapter 12: Noise and Vibration (3.38MB)

PDF icon Chapter 13: Population, Housing, and Employment (199KB)

PDF icon Chapter 14: Public Services (1.72MB)

PDF icon Chapter 15: Recreation (2.42MB)

PDF icon Chapter 16: Utilities (1.15MB)

PDF icon Chapter 17: Other CEQA Considerations (1.41KB)

PDF icon Chapter 18: Document Preparation (125KB)

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Background Phase 2

The City held two public scoping hearings to gather input about the Environmental Checklist / Initial Study as well as about any other environmental factors that should be studied in the EIR. The hearings took place on Thursday, Nov. 29 at Concord Civic Center, 1950 Parkside Drive in the City Council Chambers.

PDF icon EIR Scoping Summary (6.15MB)

PDF icon Presentation from Nov. 29 EIR Scoping Hearings (1.16MB)

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Background Phase 1

In May 2007, an Environmental Checklist / Initial Study was prepared and circulated to initiate the EIR process. It included a description of the planning that had been undertaken up to that date and an initial identification of issues to be addressed in the EIR. Two initial scoping meetings were held in June and a Scoping Summary Report was prepared that contains a description of how the initial scoping effort was conducted and includes a record of the comments received. The planning has since progressed through a series of public workshops and meetings, and a mix and range of possible future uses has been assembled into seven alternative concepts for reuse of the CNWS. Because more specific information about the possible reuse of the CNWS is now available, a revised Environmental Checklist / Initial Study is being circulated to solicit additional agency and public input about what should be addressed in the EIR.

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