photos taken at the June 16 workshop show participants working together on tabletop exercises


Attendance High at June 16 Workshop

The workshop entitled 'Balancing the Land Use Mix' was held June 16 at the Concord Senior Center. The session drew over 160 participants who worked in groups to place “to scale” uses on a site map as part of a planning exercise designed to start the process of framing conceptual alternatives for the Concord Naval Weapons Station property.

The workshop PowerPoint presentation, maps created by participants during the table-top exercise and pictures from the event are available by clicking one of the links, below.


Title Type Size
June 16 presentation This link will open a PDF file to the June 16 PowerPoint presentation files 13 MB
Maps created during table-top exercise This link will open a PDF file 5 MB
Photos from the workshop This link will open a PDF file to photos from the June 16 workshop 2.2 MB


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