Alternative Concept 3:
Creek Park Villages
“Bringing the City to the Park”


In this alternative concept, an expanded city-wide Creek Park serves as the signature feature, with mixed use villages linking to and surrounding the park. Benefi ts of both park and open space areas are within easy reach.

An intensely developed mixed-use village will create a front door to the area at the BART station, with formal open space and creek corridor links into Creek Park. South of Willow Pass Road three additional transit villages work together to create a meandering new development edge where the City meets the park, and a limit for urban development is established.

This alternative also shows a potential research or education campus option along Bailey Road.

A high capacity transit service would serve the entire site connecting villages on site and linking them to downtown and existing neighborhoods.

  • Creek Park shares the benefi ts of open space throughout the site – bringing City densities, and a clear development limit to the park edge
  • Open space on the ridgeline and creek linking to Creek Park as a major city amenity including recreation and open space
  • Major transit oriented development at BART with mixed use housing and jobs
  • 40% single family and 60% multi-family residential development including town homes, apartments, and condominiums
  • Choice of transportation modes for residents and for workers
alternative 3 concept land use map federally transferred lands Federally Transferred Land
TOD/mixed use TOD/Mixed Use
high density residential Residential: High Density (35.0 + DU/Ac)
moderate density residential Residential: Moderate Density (16.0 + DU/Ac)
low density residential Residential: Low Density (1.0 - 9.5 DU/Ac)
commercial office Commercial Office
commercial retail Commercial Retail
commercial hotel Commercial Hotel
legend marker for community facility / institutional Community Facility / Institutional
open space Open Space
riparian Riparian Corridor
parks / active recreation Parks / Active Recreation

Program Summary of Land Use pie chart

Residential breakdown

City of Concord CA