Alternative Concept 1:
Extending the Neighborhoods


Thirty years from now, with this alternative concept, the CNWS site will be experienced as an extension of the pattern of single-family, suburban development that is found in much of Concord today.

The Los Medanos hills along the eastern boundary of the weapons station will be preserved protecting the over 30% slopes, and a buffer along Mt. Diablo Creek will be maintained.

  • An extension of Concord's present land-use pattern -- majority of homes are single-family homes at low density
  • Open space / habitat conservation in the Los Medanos hills and Mt. Diablo Creek
  • Relatively low densities created challenges for encouraging walking, bicycling and transit use
  • Some higher intensity of uses around the BART station will encourage transit use for those living and working close to the station
  • Dependence on private vehicles for residents and for workers
  • 85% single-family and 15% multi-family residential development including town homes, apartments, and condominiums
alternative 1 concept land use map federally transferred lands Federally Transferred Land
TOD/mixed use TOD/Mixed Use
high density residential Residential: High Density (35.0 + DU/Ac)
moderate density residential Residential: Moderate Density (16.0 + DU/Ac)
low density residential Residential: Low Density (1.0 - 9.5 DU/Ac)
commercial office Commercial Office
commercial retail Commercial Retail
commercial hotel Commercial Hotel
legend marker for community facility / institutional Community Facility / Institutional
open space Open Space
riparian Riparian Corridor
parks / active recreation Parks / Active Recreation

Program Summary of Land Use pie chart

Residential breakdown

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