What is the Specific Plan and how will it be used?

A Specific Plan is intended to implement the City's General Plan. Since the Area Plan was adopted into the City's General Plan in 2012, in this case the Specific Plan will create a detailed plan to implement the Area Plan. It will provide detail for the Phase One Development area and the rest of the development area. The Specific Plan is necessary because the Area Plan does not provide sufficient detail to specify the detailed design of the development—how it will look and feel. The Specific Plan will guide the development's urban design, such as mix and intensity of development, block and district layout, public spaces, community facilities, transportation network, and more. It will provide a clear picture for how the development will complement and contribute to the surrounding neighborhoods. The plan will be completed by the Master Developer, with input and guidance from the City and will clearly reflect the vision, goals, and commitments of the Area Plan.

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