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Jul 19

Status Bullets - July 19, 2019

Posted on July 19, 2019 at 10:19 AM by Guy Bjerke

July 19, 2019 – Project Status Update

Property Transfer

  • The Park District took “constructive possession” of about 2,300 of their 2,600 acres of property for the conservation area/Regional Park in a ceremony on July 13, 2019.  Ownership will be transferred from the National Park Service to the Park District later this year.  The remaining acres will come later after the Navy finds it suitable for transfer.

  • The City is working with the Navy to reach First Transfer of 1,200 acres of the 2,300 acres of property allocated to the City.  First Transfer to the City is now expected in the Summer/Fall of 2020.  The remaining acres will come later after the Navy finds it suitable for transfer.

  • The County expects transfer of 75 acres of property for their planned First Responder Training facility at the end of 2020.

  • The City is working with the Lennar/FivePoint team on the project’s financial model so that we can re-engage and complete our negotiations with the Navy regarding the payment terms for City’s parcels.

Finding of Suitability to Lease (FOSL)

  • The Navy is completing a Finding of Suitability to Lease or FOSL so that negotiations regarding leasing the remainder of the Base to local recipients can take place.  Reaching agreement on lease terms would remove the Navy from the day-to-day management of the Base – but not impact their continued obligation to clean up contaminated parcels prior to transfer.

Specific Plan/CEQA Review

  • The Lennar/FivePoint team continues to write the Specific Plan for all 2,300 acres of development that will occur over the next 30 years.  Lennar is the designated Master Developer for Phase 1 of the development, roughly the first 500 acres.  Several technical issues around the design of required infrastructure has delayed the completion of the Specific Plan draft.

  • City staff and consultants are preparing the environmental analysis of the planned development – reviewing potential impacts, like traffic, and ways to address them in the Specific Plan.

  • Both the draft public Specific Plan and draft public Environmental Impact Report are expected to be released for public consideration in January 2020 – with public meetings, workshops and hearings – leading to a Council decision in the Summer of 2020.

  • The Community Advisory Committee is on hiatus until the draft public Specific Plan is ready for their review and consideration – now likely in January 2020.

Resource Permitting

  • The City’s efforts to secure site-wide resource permits – i.e. Wetlands, endangered species protection, and creek restoration is on track with the goal of obtaining the necessary permits ahead of planned infrastructure work.

Campus District Visioning / Tournament Sports Park Conceptual Planning

  • Throughout 2019 the City embarked on two parallel projects – visioning for the proposed 120 acre Campus District and conceptual planning for the 175 Tournament Sports Park/Great City Park.  After numerous public meetings of the Blue Ribbon Committee regarding the Campus District and public workshops regarding the Sports Park – both reports were presented and accepted by the City Council at their June 4 meeting.  Both reports principles and concepts are being included in the draft Specific Plan and environmental analysis.

Disposition and Development Agreement

  • The Disposition and Development Agreement between the City and the Master Developer for Phase 1 is tied to the accepted Term Sheet and the mitigations to be determined during discussions about the Specific Plan and Environmental Impact Report.  The DDA will be one of the documents the Council considers together with the SP and EIR. 

Assuming the City Council approves the Specific Plan in the Summer of 2020, the expected construction timeline is as follows:

Horizontal Infrastructure – 2022/2023

The amount design work, coordination, and additional permitting may delay horizontal infrastructure work (sewer, water, electricity, and roads, etc.) to 2022 or beyond.

Vertical Construction – Start 2023

The timing of vertical construction (homes, offices, and stores) is largely dependent on successful infrastructure installation, but is not expected before 2023.

The project has an estimated 30 year build out.