About the Concord Community Reuse Project

New uses for the Concord Naval Weapons Station will provide many positive, long-lasting benefits for the people of Concord. After the base was closed in 2005, residents, stakeholders and the City came together over several years to decide how the property should be developed. After seven years of meetings and public workshops, and with the oversight of a 21-member advisory committee, the Concord Community Reuse Project Area Plan was adopted in 2012.

The overarching project goals agreed upon by the community are:
  • Identity as a World Class Project
  • A Balanced Approach to Conservation and Development
  • Economically Viable and Sustainable Development
  • High Quality of Life for all Residents of Concord
The plan calls for over 65% of the area to be reserved for parks, trails and open space and for Mt. Diablo Creek to be restored. There's room for a tournament sports facility and a campus district. Housing, office and retail are to be clustered around the BART station and along Highway 4, with single family homes, townhouses, schools, community centers, green buffers and parks bordering the existing neighborhoods on the south side of the project.

Project Update

After a competitive selection process, the City selected Lennar Concord, LLC (Lennar) as the Master Developer for Phase One, representing 500 out of the total 2,300 acres to be developed. The remainder of the CNWS site will be developed in subsequent phases.

The City has been working with the Navy to prepare for the transfer of ownership of the CNWS land to the City. Lennar and the City will work together to negotiate the terms of this transfer. The City will soon begin working with Lennar to prepare a Specific Plan for Phase One implementing the Area Plan and its standards. The Specific Plan will be reviewed by the Community Advisory Committee, the community at large, and the Planning Commission and City Council prior to Council adoption.