Specific Plan

Overview of the Specific Plan

The Specific Plan will bring the Area Plan to life by designing the layout, uses, and features of development, implementing the Area Plan's standards and policies. While the Area Plan sets the vision and standards for development on the former Concord Naval Weapons Station (CNWS), the Specific Plan provides detailed guidance for how the site will look and feel. This includes details on what the buildings will look like, how people will get around, and design of public spaces and community facilities. The Specific Plan will guide development of the entire developed area, including Lennar | Five Point's Development Phase One (approximately 500 acres).

The Specific Plan is the next phase in community planning for the former CNWS. There will be new opportunities to weigh in on how the Area Plan's adopted vision and standards are implemented. The plan will be reviewed by the Community Advisory Committee, the community at large, and the Planning Commission and City Council prior to Council Adoption. Additionally, the City will analyze the plan's environmental impacts under the California Environmental Quality Act.

Phase One Development

The City will develop the former CNWS in phases. After a competitive selection process, the City has selected Lennar Concord, LLC (Lennar) as the Master Developer for Phase One, representing 500 out of the total 2,300 acres to be developed. The remainder of the former CNWS site will be developed in subsequent phases.
Map of Lennar Phase 1
Lennar prepared a conceptual plan as part of its proposal. The plan, consistent with the community vision as expressed in the Area Plan, will be refined in the Specific Plan. Similar to the Area Plan, Lennar's conceptual plan proposes mixed-use buildings with neighborhood-serving retail located near the North Concord BART station. Closer to Willow Pass Road, development will transition to single-family homes. Greenways and parks will link the neighborhoods to the BART town center. In addition to new housing, Phase One will provide community benefits such as community centers, parks and recreation space, and a circulator shuttle connecting to BART.

Current Activities

Lennar presented their Proposed Land Use Plan and the City provided their Analyses of the plan for consistency with the adopted Area Plan. 

The third Specific Plan Community Workshop was held on Saturday, September 23, 2017, at the Concord Senior Center. Over 260 people attended the workshop. Links to the presentations and the video of the workshop are posted below. Thanks to all who participated and gave us their thoughts and continue to stay involved in the process! 

Check back for additional updated information during the fall. The next scheduled CAC Meeting is on November 21, 2017, at 6:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers. 

For earlier workshop materials, please see the Document Library: 2017 CRP Workshop Materials
Specific Plan Workshop 1

Meetings & Materials

Specific Plan Environmental Documentation

Materials related to the Specific Plan environmental review process are located on the Specific Plan Environmental Review (CEQA) page.